What to Expect When Having a Wired Security System Installed

Wired security systems are still an excellent option because they provide better reliability than wireless systems. When a homeowner opts for a wired system, they will want to have it installed professionally, so they don’t have to worry about damage to the walls during the installation, figuring out how to run the wires properly, and getting every component working together. During the installation, there are some things the homeowner should expect.

Installation of Main Unit

The professional begins with the installation of the main unit. This is where everything connects together and includes a keypad to alarm and disarm the system. This should be placed near the entry door, allowing the user to set it easily when they leave the house or disarm it quickly when they get home. Though the layout and appearance of the main unit will vary, all systems will have the main unit for arming and disarming the system.

Installation of Sensors

Sensors will be installed on entry doors as well as in other locations like windows as needed. For the most protection, it is advised to have sensors on all entry doors as well as any windows on the lower floor of the home. These sensors, when the system is armed, will alert if anyone tries to get into the home. They can alert if the window is opened from the inside or outside by detecting if the sensor on the window is moved away from the sensor on the wall. If the window is opened, the two sensors will be pulled apart, so the alarm will sound if the system is armed.

hardwired security camera

Installation of Cameras

If the homeowner has opted for cameras, those will be installed next. The cameras should be positioned to give the best view of the primary entry into the home, as that’s the most likely place someone will enter. Additional cameras can be added to the system to cover windows or other entry doors, as needed, or to cover other areas of the home that may have valuables.

Learn to Use the System

Once the professional has installed everything, they will make sure it is all working together to protect the home. Then, they’ll show the homeowner how to use the different parts of the system. If the system has cameras, they will show the homeowner how to view the cameras and check on the house. They’ll also show the homeowner how to set up a pin number to arm and disarm the system, explain what the different options are when arming the system, and show the homeowner how to make sure it’s armed or disarmed.
If you’ve been thinking about getting a home security system, a wired system is an excellent option and will have everything you need to protect the home when you’re asleep or away. Through a professional installation, you can get everything set up properly and learn how to use the system. Take a look at the options available for wired security systems today to find one that will meet your needs.