Verizon Home Security

What is Verizon Smart Home Security?

Verizon Wireless, which is mainly known for its phone and internet services, was formed in April of 2000.  In addition to internet and smartphone services, Verizon Wireless also provides options for customers to purchase in order to monitor the safety and security of their homes and belongings.  Verizon offers these products in much the same way as they do their communication devices, which is by making products available from several different companies and brands.  There is no specific Verizon brand of security system. Rather, the customers can choose which devices are best suited for their needs, from whichever company that creates them.  The devices can then be controlled by connecting to apps on a Verizon smartphone.

Available Products


  • Google Wired Nest Cam with Floodlights
          The Nest Cam is a self-installed and self-monitored device that the customer can access at any time from the app. The Google Nest Cam is an HD camera that is able to smartly determine the difference between animals, people, and vehicles, so that any alerts are true alerts. This camera works by recognizing movement and turning on the floodlights and camera.  While these are on, an alert is sent to the customer.  The customer can then use the Google Home app to view video and can actually talk through the device.  The lights can be adjusted and customized for brightness at different times of the day as well. If the customer wants to have up to 3 hours of video available for viewing, he can purchase a Nest Aware subscription. At $279.99, this monitoring option allows customers to view what is happening outside of their homes at all times.  However, this is a self-monitored device.  If there is an intruder or emergency, the emergency authorities will not be contacted automatically.  So the customer must have the ability and awareness to be able to do that if needed.  With the extra subscription needed for just a few hours of recorded surveillance, this might not be the best option for those who want constant surveillance and security of the home and its surroundings.


Arlo Security Accessories offers security cameras on the Verizon website.

  • Arlo Go 2 LTE Security Camera
    This HD camera uses LTE (with Verizon) or Wi-Fi to monitor property inside or outside of the home, ensuring full-time monitoring even if there is loss of connectivity through Wi-Fi. For nighttime viewing, the camera uses a spotlight and has night vision so that any activity can be seen and monitored easily. There are two options for recording video.  The customer can purchase a microSD card to put into the camera, or he/she can purchase a subscription to Arlo Secure to view these recordings directly from the smartphone. This camera retails for $249.99, but the customer can choose to pay full price or pay in installments for 24 or 30 months, which makes it more affordable monthly.  There is also a fee of $35 to activate the camera.
  • Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera
    This camera, which is for indoor and outdoor use, allows the customer to view a 130 degree area.  For night use, there is a spotlight and night vision to help customers see what is going on. For installation, customers will use the Arlo app and self-install with the use of batteries instead of wires, which makes installation simple.  This camera also includes an audio feature that lets customers and the person on camera talk to one another. This can be helpful for those having packages delivered, those wanting to talk to the person on camera, and voice warning lurkers that they are on camera.  In addition to this voice feature, there is also a siren that can be activated automatically or by the customer, which further deters those who may be lurking on the property. Customers can purchase the Arlo Smart subscription for $9.99/month to be able to receive notifications and alerts on Verizon phones.  This also includes the ability to view any recorded activity from the last 30 days.This camera also comes in a 3-pack for $349.99, which saves the customer about $40.00.
  • Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera
    For $249.99, this floodlight camera allows for wireless installation and runs from a battery that lasts for 6 months. The camera has a field of vision of 160 degrees, which is a larger area of view than the Essential Spotlight Camera. The bright light and night vision allow the viewer to monitor whatever might be happening either inside or outside the home.  As with the Essential Spotlight Camera, the customer can also purchase Arlo Smart for $9.99 a month to view saved recordings from the past 30 days.


  • Anker eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System -$299
    This is a 2-camera monitoring system that is battery- powered with a battery that can last for one full year. This system monitors movement and records audio and video in high definition. This system can be paired with smart home devices, and it has two-way voice capabilities as well.  Overall, this is similar to the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera.
  • Anker eufyCam 2 add on camera- $199
    This is just another camera to add to the 2-camera system above.


  • Canary All-In-One Home Security System
    This one device that retails for $169.99 is touted as the one item needed for home security.  When it senses motion, it begins recording both video and audio. The customer can use the Canary app to activate the siren sound to alert any intruder/lurker on the property.  This device can also be used to monitor temperature inside the home.  Some have reviewed that this device gives many false alarms and has a lag with notifications, so enough time can lapse between a motion and a notification that someone could intrude without being seen upon entry. Others have mentioned that while this is advertised as having no fees, there is indeed a fee to use most of the features on the app after the introductory period.


Verizon offers a large variety of smart home monitoring devices from Ring.

  • Ring Doorbell Original, 3, 4
    All doorbell options have motion and alerts, along with two- way talk.  Each new iteration includes a couple extra features, with perhaps the most helpful being the extra 4 seconds of recording time available in the Ring 4 model.  Recording begins as soon as motion is detected, before the alert is even sent. Versions 3 and 4 also have removable battery packs, corner kits, and interchangeable face plates, which the Ring Original does not have
  • Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit
    At $199.99, this kit includes a Keypad, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, Range Extender, and a Base Station. This Ring Alarm system monitors for motion and the opening of doors and windows. If a monitoring plan is purchased at an additional cost, the customer can then use the emergency buttons for fire, police, and health emergency personnel.  All other Ring devices can be purchased at an additional cost and paired with the Ring Alarm Kit.  This kit can be monitored with the keypad or with the app.
  • Ring Smart Lighting
    Customers can purchase floodlights, spotlights, pathway lighting, and step lights from Ring at Verizon as well.   These lights can all be synced with Ring Bridge (at an additional cost) and paired with other Ring lights, cameras, and doorbells.  The customer can use the app to program when the lights come on and also determine the brightness of the lights. 
  • Ring Spotlight Cam
    This spotlight shines a bright light when movement is detected within its set range. If the customer wishes to purchase Ring Bridge, this device can be connected and controlled as well.
  • Additional Accessories
    Customers can purchase accessories to add to their home monitoring/alarm systems as well.  These are typically cheaper, around $30.00, and add to what is already in place.  These include the Contact Sensor, Smoke Alarm and CO Listener, Range Extender, Panic Button, Motion Detector, and Chime.

So, Verizon offers many monitoring products from a few brands.  Most of these products are installed and monitored by the customer.  A few of these can be paired with a monitoring system, but that must be purchased separately.  The customer must decide if he/she needs more than just cameras to use for monitoring the safety of the home.  Then, what all additional products must be purchased in order to create a system that covers all additional needs?  While many of these smart devices can be paired, and customization is available, there are costs associated with being able to use each product at its max efficiency.  In order to be sure that homes, possessions, and family members are secure at all times, a monitoring plan is essential.  A company that provides full service monitoring, professional installation, connection to emergency services gives peace of mind to the customer and takes the guesswork out of creating a security system piecemeal.

Vivint Home Security

Vivint Home Security offers professionally installed and constantly monitored full-home security services for the customer. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their homes and loved ones are safe and looked after at all times by monitoring headquarters here in the United States.  Peace of mind is the goal of security systems, and Vivint provides that in droves, as the customer can be completely confident in the installation of the products, customer service right on the panel itself, and access to emergency services as needed.  It is not the customer’s responsibility to actively monitor everything within and around the home; Vivint takes care of that. Additionally, all Vivint products can be controlled using the Vivint app, instead of having to use multiple apps for a variety of products from different brands with Verizon.

Vivint Systems and Products

  • Starter Package (Basic Home Security)
    With the Vivint Starter Package, customers receive a touchscreen control panel and use of the Vivint app, motion and intrusion protection, and round the clock professional monitoring. The customer can alarm and disarm the system through the control panel or app, and when windows and doors are opened when the system is activated, an alarm will sound, and the customer will be sent an alert if not at home.  Monitors can also contact emergency services as needed to further protect the home and those inside it.
  • Premium Package (Complete Home Protection)
    The Vivint Premium Package includes all of the products and services in the Starter Package along with video security and theft deterrence.  This includes a video doorbell which records activity and has an alarm to deter theft. Customers can set the area to be monitored and can also use the two-way talk feature to talk to those at the door. This also includes a camera for monitoring movement and possible intrusions to the home. So, this package not only protects with motion and intrusion detection in the form of monitoring the opening and closing of doors and windows, it also allows for the use of monitored video surveillance as well, providing a well-rounded security system for the home.
  • Premium Plus Package (Security and Automation)
    This package is the ultimate in automation and control of devices.  In addition to video surveillance and motion detection, and intrusion deterrence, this package also includes voice control of devices and the ability to view stored video clips.  Vehicle protection is also included with the Vivint Car Guard.  This device allows for location tracking and will alert the owner of any disturbance of the vehicle. Car owners can feel safe knowing that they can track their vehicles at all times. What’s more, the Car Guard also sends alerts for any issues with the vehicle.  This diagnostic report can help troubleshoot issues when service lights appear on the dash.
    Home automation is another part of this package. Customers can choose from a number of different Smart Home devices to pair with their security systems.  These Smart Devices include a Smart Thermostat that can be automated to change according to your set parameters during the night and day.  The customer can also change the temperature from the app at any time. Smart Locks offer another layer of automation and security.  These locks allow the customer to lock or unlock their doors from the app, from anywhere.  The customer can alarm the house, set the thermostat, and shut off lights with the use of this smart lock as well, making sure that the house is safe and secure. Keyless entry is helpful as well, as you can customize codes for several people, ensuring the ability to monitor who is and is not in the home at any time. Additionally, Vivint offers the Smart Garage Door Controller which allows you to open and close the garage door from the Vivint app. With all of this automation and control straight from the Vivint app, customers no longer have to worry over an unlocked or open door or unlit home. 

How do I choose?

It is important to first outline your needs for home monitoring and security.   If you want to have professional monitoring at all times with a professionally installed and tested system, Vivint is the right choice for you.  Once you choose Vivint, the worry is placed on the monitoring teams; you only have to pay attention to alerts to know what is happening with your home.  Even if you cannot get to alerts, you can rest assured that emergency services can be contacted without you having to lift a finger.  Along with automation services to streamline the ease of use of products in your home, this makes Vivint the best choice for home security