Start Taking Home Security Seriously With Professional Quality Products

It’s easy to imagine a home is secure after everyone has gone on their way at the start of the day and locked the doors. The trouble is, not everyone has as sharp a memory as they might think. Forgetting to lock a door or window is very common place in today’s busy world. Unfortunately, this is how nearly thirty percent of all burglars make their way into a home. Without the benefit of a professional quality security solution, most homeowners are taking their property and the safety of everyone in the home in jeopardy. There are some shocking statistics that might convince homeowners that a home security solution is a wise investment.


  • Security systems can do more than alert the authorities of a break-in. Signage from a home security service provider has been proven to be the leading deterrent of home intrusions.
  • Night-time intrusions are the least common. Most burglaries take place in broad daylight while most people are at work, school, or running errands.
  • Most break-ins are committed by someone who lives nearby. Thieves are looking for an easy score, they don’t want to make a long trip just to make a few hundred dollars.
  • It takes less than fifteen minutes to rob a home. A skilled burglar can make their way in and out of a home in less than ten minutes.
  • Nearly thirty percent of burglars make their way into a home through a door or window, and most of these doors and windows are left unlocked.
  • Nearly thirty-four percent of break-ins don’t require breaking anything. Unlocked front doors are the leading point of entry.
  • The master bedroom is where most robbers will go first. Jewelry and other small valuables are often stored in the open or easily accessible areas in the bedroom, making it very easy to nick these items quickly and easily.
  • The average victim suffers over two-thousand dollars in losses. Some of the most valuable items in a home are often small and easy to carry off.
  • Statistics show that during three out of ten burglaries, someone in the family is home. This is why so many robberies result in harm to one or more family members.
  • Only a little over ten percent of robberies resulted in arrests. With no camera footage or evidence to refer to, there is little chance that the police have enough to identify the perpetrator.

Premium Services Versus DIY Solutions

Many homeowners consider the expense of a premium security solution beyond their budget. This is why do-it-yourself solutions have become popular. Several security systems can be installed and managed by a premium service provider, or simply installed and configured by the homeowner. Both solutions are surprisingly affordable and can be utilized by almost anyone. Ease of use is what most homeowners look for in their security system. Professional service providers realized this after reading thousands of reports about homes being broken into even though they had a premium security system. If the user is frustrated by activating their system, they simply leave it inactive.

Premium services usually come with a flat monthly fee. Although the fee is affordable, most homeowners worry about the cost of the system and installation. Most service providers either offer financing options that make it easy to get the latest solution without having to pay outrageous amounts of money upfront. Other service providers incorporate the cost of the system and installation into the monthly fee. Either of these options makes it easy to secure a home with the latest technology.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, there are great solutions available as a kit. Modern providers have learned that homeowners want to secure their property, but they may lack the technical knowledge to install or configure the system on their own. Do-it-yourselfers shouldn’t have to miss out on a great home security solution. Kits are available at very affordable prices and can even be tied into the data network to notify the authorities when a break-in occurs. Best of all, the devices are easy to install and easy to configure as long as the buyer follows the directions.


Peace of Mind With Modern Technology

Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of their family or whether they’re going to come home and find items missing. There are enough things to worry about in today’s busy world. With the right home security solution, there’s no need to let those little worries such as whether the kids locked the doors be a concern all day. Home security and home automation solutions make it easy to secure a home with the click of a button. If the system is configured properly, any portable device can be used to access the system and make sure everything is right with the home. Remote access also makes it easy to check on the home through digital cameras and sensor information.

Modern technology has already made countless people’s lives easier and now it can make their lives better by providing peace of mind. Homeowners can search online for information from individuals, or contact a local service provider to schedule a consultation. Waiting even a single day could be a risk that’s just plain not worth taking. All it takes is a phone call to a local service provider to learn about vulnerabilities that could allow unhindered access to the entire home and the valuable inside it.