What Should You Know About Home Security in Sacramento?

Sacramento residents experience around 17,000 property crimes per year. Residents have a one in 30 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Of these, around 3,000 are burglaries. With an average of eight burglaries a day, Sacramento residents should make sure they protect their home and belongings. Being prepared can help prevent burglary and, if one does happen, minimize what is taken.

Think About How a Thief Would Enter

Consider how a thief might get into a home. The easiest mode of entry is through the front door. Residents can add longer screws to the hinges of the door and upgrade the locks to make this more difficult. Another option is through the window. Keeping bushes trimmed so it’s not possible to hide behind them, and open the window can make getting inside more difficult.

Consider Obstacles to Keep Thieves Out

The more difficult it is for a thief to get inside, the less likely they are to try. Bushes that are spikey can help prevent burglaries since the thieves won’t want to hide in them to get inside the house. Residents cannot set traps that could potentially injure anyone who comes on their property, but they can add things that make it more difficult to get inside. Other examples of this include windows that are shatter-resistant, so they’re more difficult to break, or locks that can’t be picked so the thief can’t get in the home that way.

What Should You Know About Home Security in Sacramento?

Preparing in Case a Thief Enters the Home

Despite preparations, it might be possible for a thief to get inside the home. Most thieves will want to get in and out as fast as possible, so for homeowners, this means hiding valuables well and making sure the thieves can’t find anything quickly. If there’s a hidden safe, try putting a less expensive safe closer to the front of the home and put fake jewelry in it. The thief will likely take the inexpensive safe and not bother looking for the well-hidden one. This can keep the real valuables much safer, as the thief won’t even notice them.

Purchasing the Right Security System

One of the best ways to prevent burglaries is with a security system. Most burglars won’t enter a home if they can tell there’s a security system in place. There are tons of different security systems, so there’s an option for every home. Along with the system, consider installing motion detectors, cameras, and other accessories that make it more likely a thief will be caught if they do try to enter the home.

Securing the home can help prevent a burglary or, if one does happen, minimize how much goes missing. Take the time to look around your home, inside and out, to see what you can do to make it more secure. Then look into the various security systems that are available today. You’ll be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly, and then you won’t have to worry as much about anyone breaking into your home.