Vivint Home Security in Newport News, VA & How to Prevent Harm During a Home Invasion

Newport News, Va., has a relatively large population. This city is one of the most popular cities in Virginia. It is home to Newport News Park, which is considered the second largest city park in the United States. There is no doubt that it can be a great place to live, but sometimes there is a dark side. Homeowners and residents have a lot to worry about regarding the city. 

The Danger is Real in Newport News

Newport News is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. People may not want to hear that about their city, but it is a truth that one must face as a resident of this city. Accepting this fact does not necessarily mean that residents should flee but rather use some information to protect themselves.

At the moment, Newport News ranks number 25 on the list of murder capitals in the United States. The Movoto Real Estate reported it as one of the “10 Most Dangerous Places in Virginia,” which the chief of police Newport News took offense to.

It is wise to learn from these statistics, and figure out a way to ensure homes are a little safer.

Increase Safety & What to do During an Invasion

It is clear that crime is an issue in Newport News. Homeowners can take a few different actions to make their house more secure. For one, homeowners should avoid posting location updates on social media to ensure that a criminal cannot cyber-stalk them to find out when they are not at home.

Homeowners can also purchase a good home security system, which usually lowers the chances of being targeted by a home invader. Some homeowners might want to think about purchasing a trained security dog, which should help deter burglars, but what can a homeowner do should the criminal gain access to the household?

There is not a lot of time to think, and criminals could be quite dangerous. It is important to have a plan of action should the worst happen. The following are just a few tips that might help homeowners react effectively should their homes be invaded by a criminal or be in danger of being invaded:

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Have a Plan

It is important that homeowners have a plan should they ever be invaded by an intruder. This could be something as simple as training children to hide under the bed if they hear a pre-chosen panic word that the entire family knows. It might also be a good idea to build a safe room within the house. This room would have a deadbolt lock on the inside, which should be hard to pick from the outside. The room could be as effective as the homeowner wants it to be. Some simply use a normal door while others invest in installing a reinforced door.

Be Loud

Most criminals would prefer a nice and clean entry that no one notices. It is important that a homeowner yells outside a window should he or she see an intruder come in. One good thing to consider is a noise box. The noise box emits very loud noises that neighbors are bound to hear. These might make the intruder leave the house as it might startle him or her.

Keep Essentials

It is important that homeowners keep cellphones or keys near them at all times. This might give a homeowner the chance to call for help should it be necessary, but a good home security system should eliminate that need.

Be Careful With Knocks at the Door

Some invaders have gained access to a home by knocking on the door and pretending that they are normal people or even employees of known companies. A home security system could allow the homeowner to communicate without opening the door, but some homeowners might opt against these types of tools. Homeowners without these tools can also simply use a little deception by yelling something like, “I’ll get it” after a knock. This lie helps the criminal assume that there is more than one person in the house.

Create an Unsafe Environment

It might sound silly, but some props might help prevent a burglary or make a burglar think twice. One great prop to use is a large dog bowl. It is important to leave these by the entry door as it implies that there might be a large dog in the house. Homeowners should also leave large guy boots near the door to imply that there are large and possibly intimidating men in the house.

Use Nature

Many home invaders get inside a house through a window. It might be a good idea to plant thorny bushes around the windows of the house. These might deter the burglar from even coming into a house. If the invader decides to go into the home, the thorny bushes might still be useful. The burglar will try to flee in a hurry, which means that the thorns might hurt the burglar as he or she jumps out of the window. This can be helpful for cops as the robber might leave DNA or samples from his or her clothes.

Dealing With the Surprise

A burglar might gain access to a home and surprise the homeowner in his or her sleep. This gives the homeowner no time to prepare or do anything to protect him or herself, but it is important to have a plan, even in this situation. One good tip is to fake a heart attack or breathing problem. This might encourage the perpetrator to just leave you alone. The homeowner will be genuinely startled, which should make this performance easier.

Tips like these might save a homeowner’s or his or her family members’ life. There is no shame in preparing for the worse, and it has nothing to do with paranoia. The great city of Newport News is dealing with a few issues, and it is only wise to take precautions.