Top Tips for Security in Detroit

Detroit is known for having one of the highest rates of violent crimes in the US, behind only a few cities. It’s also known for high property crime rates, though those have been getting better in recent years. Right now, residents have a one in 50 chance of being the victim of a violent crime and one in 23 chance of being the victim of a property crime. However, there are some things residents can do to protect themselves and their home.

Keep Everything Locked

The home’s doors and windows should be kept locked. Even if someone is home, locking the doors prevents anyone from getting inside to steal from the house or hurt the occupants. Keeping the vehicle locked helps protect any belongings in the vehicle as well as protects it from theft. If possible, it is best to keep the vehicle in a locked garage.

Bring in Belongings

When no one is outside, close the garage if there is one and bring belongings inside. Patio furniture should be okay outside, but bikes, toys, tools, and more are commonly stolen from homes. Many thieves look for an opportunity to quickly grab something and leave, so they don’t risk being caught. If it’s left in the yard unattended, they may see their chance and take it.

Top Tips for Security in Detroit

Use Basic Security Measures

Basic security measures can help homeowners stay safe. Keep bushes in front of the home trimmed to below the window, so it’s easy for neighbors to see if someone is hiding in them to try to open the window. Use automatic lights that turn on if someone approaches the home so they can’t do so without the risk of being seen. Make sure any children in the home know not to open the door for someone they don’t know. All of these are easy to do and can help protect the home and its occupants.

Upgrade Locks

Another good idea is to upgrade the locks on the home, especially on older homes, if the locks haven’t been updated in a number of years. Older locks are easier to pick, and it may be possible to simply push in the door if they no longer lock properly. Updated locks ensure you are the only one with keys to the home and can provide better security as they’ll be more difficult to get past.

Install a Security System

The number one way to protect yourself, your family, and your home is by installing a security system. Even an inexpensive unmonitored system can alert you if there’s anyone entering the home, giving you the chance to contact the police for help. Monitored systems are watched by a company, so the police can be alerted to a break-in even if you’re not available.

Though property crimes are reducing in Detroit, violent crimes are increasing, and it’s never a good idea to be passive and risk becoming a victim of any crime. Instead, use the tips here and look into getting a security system so you’ll know the home, and everyone in it, is protected.