Steps to Secure Your Home in Albuquerque

Compared to the average number of crimes in New Mexico, those in Albuquerque are higher. Residents face a potential for being the victim of a violent crime or a property crime. Many residents today, especially with more people working from home, are worried about the potential for a break-in. There are steps homeowners can take, however, to make sure their home is secure.

Look Into a Security System

A security system is the best way to deter burglars and make sure they won’t even try to get into the home. Make sure there is a sign or sticker that is prominently placed, so burglars will know the home is secured. If they can see cameras or signs from a security system, they’re likely to pass by the house without trying to get inside. If a burglar does try to enter the home, the alarm will sound, and emergency services can be contacted, which leads to a higher chance the burglar will be caught.

Think About Upgrading Doors

Depending on the age and condition of exterior doors, it may be time to think about replacing them. If the doors are mostly glass, it may be a good idea to replace them with more durable options. Glass is easier to break than a solid wood door, and there are more secure options that still include glass, so it’s possible to have sunlight coming in through the door.

Steps to Secure Your Home in Albuquerque

Install New Hinge Screws

The screws in the hinges for the doors are likely short, which means it’s easier to kick in the door. While this might not be a great concern, it is an easy fix and worth the time. Simply unscrew the hinges from the wall and screw them back in place with longer screws. Most homeowners can do this on their own, and the new screws should only cost a few dollars.

Make Sure Windows Lock

Most modern windows lock, but the locks may not be strong enough to keep a determined burglar out of the home. Adding in new locks can help make the windows more secure. Other options for windows include adding a security screen, which makes it much more difficult to break the glass in the windows. With this installed, it’s less likely someone can break the glass and get into the home that way.

Hide Any Valuables

Determined thieves may get inside despite all of the above precautions. The key is to hide all valuables just in case someone does make it inside. Have a safe that’s not hidden with a little bit of money in it and another safe that’s well hidden with the rest of the valuables. The thief wants to get in and out fast, so they’ll take the obvious safe and not look for a hidden one.

With the crime levels where they are today, securing the home is more important than ever before. Albuquerque residents worried about burglaries do have a number of things they can do to secure the property, including purchase a security system to help deter burglars.