Statistics And Reports That Show Owners That Home Security Is Paramount in Virginia

In Hampton, Virginia where the population rests at 136,879 the current crime index is 16. This statistic identifies the city as 16% safer than other cities found throughout the country. However, this percentage places residents in the city at a high risk of crimes and possible personal injuries. These probabilities denote the need for home security systems to mitigate related risks. The following are details that show why all homeowners need these systems. 

How Current Statistics Reflect a Need for Added Home Security 

The crime index was assigned to the city based on the current crime statistics. These statistics show that in the last year 349 violent crimes were committed. The total of all crimes that occurred in the state reached 4,791. Among this total are 4,442 crimes that involved properties. These crimes consisted primarily of home invasions.

According to these statistics, 2.55 out of every 1,000 residents was involved in a violent crime. Another 32.45 out of every 1,000 residents was involved in a property-related crime. These statistics show that 1 in every 392 residents was the victim of a criminal act. Among those reported, there were nine murders, 36 rapes, and 110 robberies. They also show 194 physical assaults that occurred in the city. As compared to the state as a whole, Hampton experienced 32.45 home invasions. This indicated that 1 out of every 31 households became the victims of these crimes; whereas the state has a rate of 1 out of every 52 households. The exact number of burglaries reported for the city was 597.

These statistics show that 90 crimes were committed per square mile of this city. These statistics show a clear need for top-notch home security systems to mitigate these high volume risks. 

What is the State of the Current Housing Market in This City?

Currently, the housing market is cold. Sales have become stagnant. According to the latest statistics, the average home price in the city is $156,600. This indicates a cost of $108 per square foot. The average rental payment in the area is around $1,195. The average home price is considerably lower than that of the nearby metro area. While these statistics indicate no major changes in upcoming months, projections show the potential for a 2.6 percent increase within the coming year.

In a cold or poor market, homeowners may experience issues selling their properties. If owners choose to move due to the increased crime rate, they may find it difficult at best. This decline could also create the emergence of further crimes as some residents become desperate to get out. The catch 22 could present an even higher set of statistics in the new year. 

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What Do Homeowners Acquire from Home Security?

The security system gives them cameras that are placed strategically around and inside their home. These cameras provide live streaming footage of their entire property. The footage is available to them through a control system located in their home. The owner has access to the system via remote connections for their smartphone and tablet. They maintain full control over these cameras. They can choose between wired and wireless systems. Select models provide remotes that trigger the alarm and provide some features present within the control panel. This includes a panic button that alerts their security provider immediately. They have options for the police, fire department, and emergency medical services.

The control panel allows them to enter a digital code to turn the alarm on and off. These systems also provide sensors for all doors and windows in which access to the interior of the property is possible. Select security systems may also provide smart home features as part of their package. These features enable the homeowner to turn the lights on and off. They also have the option to determine if their doors are locked or not. This same feature allows them to engage the locking mechanisms on their doors via remote access. In Hampton, Virginia, homeowners make the choice to install home security systems due to the current crime rate. This choice protects their investment and their family from potential losses and personal injuries. Homeowners who wish to explore these systems can contact a local home security provider today.