Pandemics Showcase the Need for Better Security in Boston

There has undoubtedly been a lot of civil unrest over the last year, and during a pandemic, home and business owners in Boston are understandably concerned about their properties. With protection from a security system, property owners are feeling greater peace of mind in knowing their families and properties are being monitored and protected.

The Mayor Recently Announced a Home Security Company Partnership

Mayor Walsh recently announced the city has partnered with SimpliSafe® to provide 250 home security systems to small business owners who want to protect their businesses during these trying times. The donation also provides these business owners with monitoring services for one year.

The city of Boston is feeling the same stress as many other large cities across the nation. Crime was once at a twenty-year low and has spiked in 2020, making homeowners feel more apprehensive than ever before. With the mayor’s recent announcement, it is clear increased security is on the minds of most home and business owners in Boston.

The Police Commissioner Explains Why Crime Is Increasing in the City

Many residents of Boston are concerned because 2020 has seemed to bring a spike in crimes. Recently, the Boston police commissioner was interviewed regarding the increases in crime and he attributed them to a few factors, most of them revolving around the pandemic.

With court systems shut down and some criminals being released to prevent the spread of the virus, the police commissioner believes many people have felt emboldened to commit crimes, mistakenly feeling they will never be forced to face the consequences.

Pandemics Showcase the Need for Better Security in Boston

Increased Security Brings Peace of Mind to Home and Business Owners

Having peace of mind is essential during a pandemic. With so much stress, being able to feel safe at least brings on less strain.

Many home and business owners are wisely considering having home security systems installed on their properties. With a range of options and price tags, property owners are finding these systems are more accessible than ever before.

Security systems can monitor for intruders and help to deter criminals. Police departments across the country are stretched thin and response times are increasing. Having a security system that automatically contacts the right authorities is essential in cities like Boston.

Knowing a property is being monitored twenty-four hours a day takes away the stress of the unknown. With a touch of a button, the entire property is secured, deterring would-be criminals who would try to attack a property that is not protected.


With increased crime running rampant across the country, large cities like Boston are taking notice and precautions. Those who want to protect their properties need to be aware of their options for home security systems that offer video surveillance. Learn more about these systems and how they can offer the highest level of protection for properties of all types. There are security systems available in all price ranges, allowing home and business owners to feel confident in being able to afford the added protection and peace of mind.