Home Security Systems Are Important Even in Safer Small Cities like New Rochelle, New York

Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin, Tennessee, a city of nearly 70,000 residents, sits just over 20 miles south of Nashville. The city was ranked as the second safest Tennessee city to live in by Movoto.com, a real estate blog, and is celebrated as a large town with a small-town feel. Franklin’s population as of the 2010 census was made up of more than 50 percent married couples and nearly 40 percent of the city’s households had children under the age of 18. Franklin has seen a surge of new growth since the early 21st century, with recent job growth hitting 2.25 percent, well above the 1.75 percent growth seen nationwide. Income in the city and its suburbs stands at more than $81,000 per household, which is nearly 50 percent higher than the national average of $53,000 per household. This city is growing quickly due to jobs and attractive housing.

Statistics of Franklin

However, Franklin hasn’t seen the increase in crime that often accompanies the type of growth it’s experienced in the past 15 years. In fact, residents of Franklin are only about half as likely as typical US residents to be a victim of a violent crime or experience a property theft. That doesn’t mean that homeowners and renters in Franklin should let down their guard. In the year ending in September 2016, statistics show 84 reports of theft and 59 reports of property crime. Analysis by home security experts indicates that residents are “somewhat likely” to see or experience a theft or property crime at their residence over a 12-month period.

Franklin police report

Home alarm systems are recommended even when the rate of theft and burglary is lower than the national average. Police protection is provided by the Franklin Police Department. As the county seat of Williamson County, Franklin is the site of the John I. Easley Jr. Criminal Justice Center, located about two miles south of the center of the city. The Criminal Justice Center, which has approximately 450 beds for male and female adults as well as juveniles, is the housing area for inmates serving out their sentences as well as for people awaiting trial.

The Franklin police response time is reported to be just over five minutes per incident, about average for police departments across the country. Based on the fact that thefts and burglaries are below national averages, it might seem as though a home security system isn’t necessary. However, recent reports have indicated that police response time across the country is very slow to reports of home thefts or even to home security system notifications of unauthorized entry. Police response time to home security system notification in the Nashville area can be as long as two hours, reports say.

Home Security Systems Are Important Even in Safer Small Cities

Incorrectly installed alarms

Police give numerous reasons for this statistic, including the primary problem of false alarms. Police officers don’t have the time to respond immediately to a home security system that has gone off because it wasn’t set properly, batteries were working properly or the equipment malfunctioned. Police and home security experts also cite incorrectly installed equipment and loose screens or doors that set off an alarm when they are rattled by the wind. Pets, rodents such as squirrels and chipmunks or even insects can break the connection between sensors that sends an alarm signal to a police department. Patrol officers, who have had long experience in dealing with these kinds of problems, are very reluctant to take time from handling more serious crimes to investigate what is likely to be a false alarm.


Nonetheless, homeowners understand the importance of home alarm systems and likely don’t need much encouragement to install them in their homes. Even in the safest neighborhoods in the Franklin area, such as those in the West Harpeth and Douglas areas, Forest Home or Old Natchez Trace and Moran Road neighborhoods, home security systems add the extra protection homeowners appreciate. Experts explain that homeowners must do careful research so that they can choose a home security system that works best for their home, family situation and schedules. Family members and anyone else who regularly enters the house, such as babysitters, should be trained to use the system properly.

When a false alarm inevitably occurs, time should be taken to determine what caused it and steps taken to avoid it happening again when possible. Living in Franklin, Tennessee can be an enjoyable experience that its families will appreciate for years if not decades. Residents have good reason to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean they should let down their guard completely. Properly installed and maintained home security systems, coupled with watchful eyes of neighbors and a vigilant police force, can help homeowners in Franklin keep their property, possessions and family members safe with a minimum of worry and stress.