Home Security in Seattle, Washington

There is no question that when it comes to crime and criminal activity, Seattle, Washington had a few rough years. Headlines like “Left-Coast Lawlessness” and “Seattle Under Siege” peppered papers in the local area and across the country.

For the past few years, public safety was perceived as being “out of control” and the area was known for cases of urban unrest.

While all the “noise” was out there, the actual crime rates have gone down. In fact, the total number of property crimes, which involved thefts in most cases, were the lowest since 2013. For a while, some people completely stopped reporting property crimes because they were just “fed up.”

While crime is high in the area, there are trends that it is going down. When it comes to crime, the best way to stay safe is to be proactive.

The Worst Neighborhoods in Seattle

There are some neighborhoods in Seattle that are more dangerous than others. Knowing what these locations are is one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Some of the neighborhoods that you should try to avoid due to high crime activity includes:

South Park: Crime here is 187% higher than the national average

Rainier Beach: Estimated crime rate of 7,631, which is 158% higher than the national average

Othello: The crime rate is 155% higher than the national average

As you can see, there are some areas that are more dangerous than others, which means you have to take action and protect yourself.

Home Security Systems in Seattle, Washington

One of the best ways that you can protect yourself, your home, and your family is by investing in a quality and feature rich home security system. There are some security companies that are better in the area than others.

Make sure that you get a system that is designed to address your needs. This is going to help ensure that you are fully protected and that you do not become a victim of any type of crime in Seattle. While there are no guarantees, by taking a proactive approach to home security, you can reduce the likelihood that you will be the victim of a crime.

Home Security in Seattle, Washington

Contact Law Enforcement for Help

If you are dealing with any type of crime or you suspect criminal activity, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with law enforcement officers. These individuals will be able to provide advice and guidance regarding what to do and how to remain safe. Do not put yourself in risky situations as this is going to lead to more issues for you, your family and your home.

By taking a proactive approach to crime, you can avoid becoming part of the statistics. Being informed is the best way to help ensure that you get the protection and peace of mind that you want and need when living in Seattle, Washington.