Home Security: Facing and Embracing Nashville’s Ongoing Growth

Nashville is drawing in people from around the world and with good reason. It’s not only the capital of Tennessee but the capital city of country music as well. At the same time, the city offers numerous attractions that appeal to people of all ages and interests.

From the Country Music Hall of Fame and Music Row to the unique boutiques and eateries of the Germantown area, there’s something here for everyone. Of course, the charm of the historic districts and authentic plantations and the natural beauty of the Cumberland River can’t be overlooked, either.

Though all those sites and our famous southern hospitality are reason enough to proudly call Nashville home, it’s not without certain flaws. Crime is on the rise across Nashville and Davidson County. That means home security systems are more important than ever for preserving the peacefulness and allure of our area.

Growth from Every Angle

More than 692,000 people live in Nashville based on the most recent census reports. That’s an increase of more than 10 percent over the last decade, and our population is only expected to grow during the years to come. People are moving here because of all the attractions as well as the friendly faces and relatively low cost of living compared to other areas of the country.

Numerous new businesses are coming to Nashville as well. It’s a great place for companies of all sizes and types, and virtually every niche of the market can benefit the people of the city and surrounding areas. This economic growth could be considered both the result of and the driving force behind the city’s surging population.

On top of all that, Nashville’s tourism sector continues to flourish. In fact, the latest travel and tourism reports show that more than 119 million people visit the city each year. Again, that’s one of the many reasons so many businesses are making their way to Nashville. Some of the people who come here for a short visit ultimately end up moving here permanently.

Looking at the Local Crime Rates

Nashville is a wonderful place to live and work, but it’s also known for its notoriously high crime rate. According to reports from the FBI and other sources, the crime local rate hovers around 99 percent higher than the national average. It’s rising at a rate of five percent each year, too.

Based on the latest statistics, Nashville residents and business owners have a four percent chance of becoming the victim of property crime. That means one out of every 25 could be a target for burglars. Violent crimes are decreasing across the area, but one out of every 90 may be victimized in this category as well.


Keeping Crime in Check

Security systems are becoming increasingly important for homes and businesses in and around Nashville. Several options are available from the standard alarm systems to hidden outdoor cameras and closed-circuit monitoring. Video doorbells are rapidly gaining popularity as well.

Advanced smart security technology is also becoming an integral component in Nashville homes and businesses. Plenty can be said for the benefits of being able to monitor your property and control your security system no matter where you may be.

All Things Considered

Nashville is experiencing significant growth these days. That’s certainly good news for not only the people who currently live, work, and visit the city but those who are looking for a new place to call home or set up shop.

Still, the continually growing number of homes, businesses, and people in the area gives criminals a constant influx of new targets. Home security systems can help keep wrongdoers at bay and encourage further development during the years to come.