High Crime Rates in Elizabeth, NJ Do Not Deter Its Many Residents

In many ways, Elizabeth, NJ is an idyllic town. Incorporated in 1855, it has a long and illustrious history, not just as one of the first towns in New Jersey, but also as its first capital. Additionally, it is the only city in the state to make Popular Science’s list of America’s 50 Greenest Cities. Unfortunately, this Union County city also nets a less illustrious title on the top 100 most dangerous cities in the country. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any type of crime in Elizabeth are 1 in 26. This crime rate is 91% higher than any other town or city in the state. Chances of experiencing an incident of violent crime are 1 in 111. This has not deterred the city from continuing to grow, or becoming a major transit hub in modern times.

Statistics of crimes in Elizabeth

For most, these statistics are outweighed by its historic charm, ample public transportation, and job availability at the local port. That doesn’t mean residents flippantly ignore their cities high crime rates. Instead, they take proactive steps toward protecting themselves. The numerous home security companies providing installation services in Elizabeth do good business, and good work, protecting its residents’ properties. After all, a home should be a sanctuary. 

After a long day’s work, no one wants to come home and feel unsafe in his or her own house. Some of the most popular home security companies in Union county are available to perform installations in Elizabeth. There are many companies willing to provide valuable protection to the city’s residents. Anyone looking into installing an alarm or other security system should ensure that the installation technician is licensed and registered, and has liability insurance. 

There is no legal requirement in Elizabeth that contractors carry personal insurance, leaving consumers to do the work for themselves. Installing a home security system will do more than decrease homeowner’s anxiety over potential break-ins. Most burglars are deterred simply by the presence of an alarm, but those who are not are far more likely to get caught after the fact. Burglars and other perpetrators of property crime and violent crime are sent to the local Union County Jail, located in the Elizabethtown Plaza. The presence of this local jail does little to deter criminals, as is reflected by the city’s crime statistics. However, those living within direct proximity of the city’s two police departments, located at 1 Police Plaza and near the Liberty International Airport on McLester Street, do enjoy a lowered risk of break-ins and other forms of property crime as a result.

In addition to two local police stations, Elizabeth boasts one Neighborhood Watch program as well. The office for the North End Watch is located at 593 Monroe Avenue. Many residents choose to play an active role in the Neighborhood Watch program, allowing their neighbors to sleep a little bit easier at night. However, their reach is limited, leaving most of the city without additional community protection. 

Other factors influencing an individual home’s likelihood of being burglarized are largely also related to location. For example, homes closer to a major freeway or other highly trafficked road are more likely to be targeted. New residents would do well to get to know the neighbors, as those without social ties to the community also face a higher rate of property crime.

No household is immune to break-in. Even those living in good neighborhoods and enjoying the company of conscientious neighbors are still at risk of property damage and burglary. This is particularly true of neighborhoods where many residents work white-collar jobs, as burglars are far more likely to attempt a break-in during the day when no one is at home. Most find that the cost of installing a security system is a reasonable price to pay for the peace of mind it brings by ensuring the safety of both families and their valued belongings.