Chicago Residents Have Security Systems Installed in Record Numbers

Most people know the importance of having a security system to protect their properties. Security system companies across American cities have noticed spikes in installation service requests. As property owners face an increasing threat of crime, they are making the right decision to have security systems installed in their homes and commercial buildings.

Take a Hard Look at the Numbers

Across the United States, there have been increased crime rates over the last decade, with 2020 being the most volatile. It is important property owners understand the risks of crimes in their neighborhoods. The following offers insight into some of the latest crime statistics that are happening all over the country, including Chicago.

There is an average of 2.1 million burglaries each year in the US

Property crimes rise as high as 9.9 million per year

Over $4 billion worth of property is lost each year

Homes in the US are burglarized every four seconds

It is clear to see that crime is on the rise in every major city in the US. Chicago residents are bracing themselves for increased threats and looking for ways they can protect their families and property from criminals. One of the most substantial methods of protection is a security system.


Security Systems Make Effective Crime Deterrents

According to the US government, only around 15% of all burglary crimes are solved each year, leaving many property owners without any way to recoup the damages they have suffered. With a security system in place, homeowners can rest assured they will have 24/7 protection against burglaries and other crimes that may occur on their property.

Security experts have found around 90% of burglars will bypass a home that is protected with security. These criminals want an easy way out and will choose homes that offer no protection. Homeowners without security systems often find themselves targets of criminals in Chicago.

On average, homeowners will find their homes 20X less likely to be burglarized with a security system than without. With so much at stake, there is no wonder why so many home and business owners in the city have made the smart move to protect their properties with a security system.

Security System Options Make Homes Safer

With a security system installed, homeowners will not have to be as afraid for the safety of their families and the protection of their property. These systems offer great peace of mind, allowing homeowners to check on their children when they are away or view their property while at work or on vacation.

Crime is undoubtedly rising in Chicago, and now is the time for homeowners to act. Security systems are available in many packages that allow people with all types of budgets affordability.

Homes without security systems are more likely to become victims of theft. Now is a perfect time for homeowners to survey their options, research brands, and learn about installation companies. By educating themselves on the possibilities, homeowners will be prepared to make the right decisions to protect their families and properties.