Is a Hardwired Security System a Good Idea?

Almost everything electronic has a wireless option nowadays, including security systems. So, with wireless options available, why would someone choose a hardwired system for their homes? Though wireless is an attractive option for many, there are some times when a hardwired system makes better sense, like in cases where reliability is a concern and the homeowner will want to make sure the system is always on. Before buying any system, consider the options and what the pros and cons are, so you can make the right decision for your home.

Pros of Hardwired Systems

Hardwired systems are often chosen because they’re more reliable. With a wireless system, it’s possible for network interference or other issues to cause the security system to go down for a period of time, and it could lead to false alarms. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi only goes down for a few seconds, but this is long enough to interrupt the security system and cause issues. With a hardwired system, this isn’t a concern. As long as there’s internet, the system will be connected. For homeowners, this means better reliability and no need to worry about whether the system is still connected when you’re shopping or on vacation.

Understanding the Cons

There are a few cons for a hardwired security system to be aware of, including the installation. No one wants wires running everywhere, so they’ll need to be installed in the walls. Often, this means opting for professional installation. There’s also going to be an issue with potential upgrades. If the wiring doesn’t already go to a part in the home, it’s going to need to be added if you’d like to add in a new Vivint camera or another security device. For some, however, this isn’t as much of a concern, as they will want anything added to the system professionally installed to make sure it’s done right.

hardwired security camera

What’s the Best Option for a Home?

The best option for a home depends on the homeowner’s preferences and what systems they’re looking into. While most systems have wired or wireless options, the system a homeowner is considering may only offer hardwired or only wireless. Beyond that, it’s important for homeowners to consider whether they want to have it professionally installed, if they’d prefer the reliability of hardwired internet, or if they may want to be able to add onto the system in the future. For many, however, a hardwired system is a great option, as once the system is set up, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about connectivity.
If you’re shopping for a security system, take a look at all of the options. A hardwired system, though it may require professional installation, could be a better option due to the reliability provided. The right system is one that can be installed in your home easily, has all of the features you need, and fits your budget properly. Take a look at the hardwired systems available today to learn more and find one that’s perfect for you.