How Burglars Outsmart a Security System & Tips to Stay Ahead of Them

Research shows that a home security system can help deter an invasion or burglary, but there is something that needs to be addressed about these systems. The fact is that nothing is really guaranteed, and home security systems are not impenetrable. Homeowners need to be aware of how burglars bypass security systems and how to prevent this by choosing the right combination of gadgets, like the best security cameras.

How Burglars Beat the System

Most professional burglars know how to break into a house, even if there is a security system installed. The following are just a few things that a burglar might do and what can be done to stop them.

Announcing the System

Cops and professional crime-prevention specialists will likely tell homeowners to announce that their home is protected by a security system. Is this really the best thing to do? The answer is a little muddy. An unskilled burglar will see any sign as a potential danger and will likely skip that house, but professionals will be thankful.

Most homeowners have a sign from the company providing the protection. Professional burglars usually know where these companies hide their connections, meaning that they can easily disable them.

Do not fret about this. There is something that can be done to remedy the potential problem. Homeowners should simply purchase alarm system warnings that are generic to make it harder for burglars to know what to look for or how to disable the alarm.

Overlooked Entry Points

Most unskilled home invaders will probably try to enter a home through the front door, back door, or windows. It is here where the best security cameras and great sensors will spring into action, but professional burglars know this, too. It is not uncommon for a professional burglar to gain entry through a window on the second floor of the house. Some homeowners do not arm the second floor as well, and it is sometimes easier for a burglar to do his or her deed and get out by accessing the house through the second floor.

The solution is to install sensors on the upstairs windows, or just install a few bars to ensure no one can gain entry.

Wire Sensitivity

Professionals will likely seek to disable landlines and power. Many security systems and security cameras use one of these to stay connected to the monitoring service.

Some homeowners are simply asking their telephone companies to hide their telephone lines under the foundation of the house, which will be hard for a burglar to reach. Those same homeowners are having their electricians reroute power boxes to the basement or another location that is not easily accessible. A homeowner can also purchase a backup generator for the security system and cameras, just in case.

A Wireless Loophole

There are many great camera systems out there, but they are wireless. This means that a professional burglar simply needs to send a scrambling signal to jam the signal that the camera is sending to a monitoring company. Some home invaders are skilled enough to hack into the system and use cameras against the homeowner. The hacked system can now be disabled remotely, and the burglar can use it to see if someone is at home.

These facts might urge some homeowners to switch to a wired camera, but even unskilled burglars can cut the camera’s wires and render it useless. The key is to make sure that the wireless cameras that will be used come with their own private and hidden networks.

The Camera Placement Loophole

Key camera locations are usually the same in most cases. The main entry points for burglars are the front door, back door, and first floor windows. This excludes the second door windows, as this entry point is reserved for professional burglars.

The problem with placement is that some homeowners prefer to place the cameras in places that compromise the camera’s ability to capture the image of the perpetrator. The key is to place each camera near the entry points mentioned, even upstairs for professional burglars, but always in a high position. It makes sense that many people want to place cameras at eye level, but this position can be easily compromised because it is easily spotted.

Many burglars do not look up, meaning that it will be a lot harder for them to notice the camera before it is able to notify the security monitoring system or the homeowner. A high position is hard to compromise, too, and it should be able to capture enough images of the invader’s face. This is especially true using either one of the cameras mentioned here, since the image is better than most.

Hopefully, these tips help a homeowner feel a little safer at home and make his or her property less vulnerable to criminals. Of course, there is always more to learn, and a professional home security advisor will be able to help. You can always talk to the local police department.