HomeKit Security System

What is Apple HomeKit?

Created by Apple, HomeKit allows the user to integrate various pairable products and use the HomeKit App to control them to create a more secure and automated home. Any Smart Accessory that has the label ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ can be used in sync with this system and all of its other products.

What Products are Available?


  • Eve Door and Window Smart Contact Sensors
    These sensors detect the opening of doors and windows and send alerts to the customer’s devices.

  • Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell
    Made specifically for use with Apple HomeKit, this doorbell camera has a 160 degree field of vision and is able to recognize specific faces. The customer can customize which areas it wants the doorbell camera to monitor, and the two-way talk feature allows the customer to speak to whomever is at the door.  Along with notifying the customer of a visitor at the door, this doorbell also records high quality video that can be stored in the cloud for up to 10 days without counting towards the storage.

  • Logitech Circle View Apple HomeKit-Enabled Security Camera
    Created for indoor or outdoor use, this camera can be programmed to view customized areas of the home or its surroundings.  This camera notifies you when there is movement of people, pets, and vehicles.  You can even program the camera to recognize and report the faces of specific individuals, so you know who is and is not at home at all times. Video is saved in the cloud for ten days and can be accessed and evaluated right from your Apple devices.

  • Eufy Cam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System
    At $350.00, this kit includes two eufy Cam Pro Wireless Cameras, a Home Base, and materials to mount and connect the devices. This kit uses high quality, high resolution lenses to capture video in and around the home.  Like many other cameras, this one allows the customer to customize his or her area of monitoring.  These cameras are able to capture crisp night views as well as clear daytime images. 

  • Eve Cam
    This camera is comparable with the Logitech Circle View Security Camera.  This camera sends alerts when there is movement related to people, pets, and vehicles, and the customer can use an Apple device to check the footage. All video footage that is stored in the cloud is encrypted, so customers can rest easy knowing that the footage is safe. This camera allows customers to keep an eye on what is happening around their homes. 

  • Level Lock Touch Edition
    This versatile door lock allows the user to enter the home in a variety of ways.  THe smallest smart lock available, the Level Lock Touch Edition fits into the lock space on all doors.  Customers can choose to lock and unlock the door with a touch, their key, HomeKit, a key card, or their phones.  Customers can even program their locks to open when they get near them, which is very useful when hands are too full to even touch the lock.

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
    This wireless smart deadbolt lock is much like the others that are compatible with Apple HomeKit. It allows the customer to lock and unlock the door remotely by voice using a variety of Apple devices such as the watch, phone, and iPad.  Customers can check their doors and even create virtual guest keys for family and friends to use to enter the home. 

  • Yale Assure Lock SL Touchscreen Deadbolt
    This touchscreen deadbolt allows customers to enter the home with a single touch and to create unique codes for different people to use to enter the door.  Users will access the Yale Assure app to lock or unlock their doors and to set up automated routines  and times for when their doors should be locked or unlocked. This is helpful for those who want to be key-free and want to be able to control their locks from their phones. 

  • Fibaro Flood Sensor
    This smart flood sensor detects water leaks and sends alerts when water is present.  This device also monitors the temperature in the area it is placed in so that freezing temperatures can be detected and measures can be taken to prevent frozen pipes. 

  • Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor
    This motion-activated light uses battery power that lasts for two years.  Whenever someone walks by, the light will turn on. The customer can program the device to turn on under specific lighting conditions, so the light does not turn on during bright daylight.


  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug
    This smart plug installs easily by plugging in to an existing outlet.  Customers can control any device that is plugged into the Wemo through the Home app on any Apple device, from anywhere.
  • Belkin Wemo Stage Scene Controller
    This device allows the customer to create six scenes in their home, using whatever HomeKit devices they have.  At $50.00, this device lets the user fully automate and control temperature, lighting, security, and other preferences in their home. 
  • Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller
    This device lets the homeowner program watering times and monitor water usage for one outdoor faucet.  At any time, the customer can also turn the water on or off using the button on the controller, an iPhone, or Siri. 
  • Wemo Smart Light Switch (3 way)
    Once this is installed, customers can use the Wemo app to control any light that would normally be controlled by a switch.  Not only can the customer turn lights on and off, but he/she can program the lights to operate at specific times or to turn on or off in reaction to lighting changes throughout the day.
  • Eve Energy Strip-Connected Triple Outlet
    This Smart power strip allows the customer to control 3 plugged-in devices separately.  The Eve Energy Strip can be controlled through Siri or the app. 
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 4-pack starter kit
    This lightbulb kit, controlled by the Hue app, lets customers customize the color of their lighting.  Lighting can also be automated so that the light will be the desired shade throughout the day.

Overall, Apple HomeKit devices include self-monitoring options such as cameras, lights, doorbells, and locks to give security to the home.  Several Smart options are available so that customers can automate their homes and control functions from their phones and apps. While lighting, cameras, locks, and two-way talk systems do reduce risk of home invasion and increase the homeowners’ knowledge of what happens around the home, some security features are still missing

Vivint Security System

As a homeowner, do you simply want to view real-time and video recordings of what is happening in and around your home? Will this keep your family and home safe? These are the questions that you need to consider when deciding what security measures you need to take. Being able to monitor cameras around the home is helpful, and having the ability to automate devices is fun. But you must consider what it means to have true safety in the home. 

If you want a system that does more than record motion, you need to look into Vivint Home Security. Vivint Home Security Systems use professional monitoring on all systems, making sure that customers are monitored and safe even when they cannot watch for notifications or see video. Customers can rely on professional monitors to contact emergency personnel as needed. Vivint is a great choice for security that includes home monitoring, intrusion protection, connection to emergency services, along with smoke and carbon monoxide detection. For those customers who want automation and customization, Vivnt offers products for that as well.

vivint cameras

Vivint Security Products

  • Door and Window Monitors
    These monitors are placed on the windows and doors and detect their opening and closing with a chime.  This alert helps with simply being aware of doors opening, which can be essential for those caring for young children or disabilities in order to keep them safe and have a constant awareness of their whereabouts.  
  • Glass Break Detectors
    This glass break detector sends a notification to the customer and to the monitoring center as soon as a glass break is detected.  This gives a second layer of protection in addition to the window and door monitors.  Not all intruders will just open a door or window the normal way, so having this product to alert you to an intrusion gives peace of mind, especially during the night.  With one in each child’s room, you can feel comfortable with them sleeping in their own rooms.
  • Vivint Motion Sensor
    This device alerts the homeowner to any detected motion. To make sure that the motion detected is one that should be noticed, the sensor uses body heat detection.  When the alarm is set, customers will get a notification when motion is detected, and the monitoring center will get an alert as well.  You can be sure that any unwanted motion is noticed and reported with Vivint Motion Sensors.
  • Smoke Detector
    This smoke detector notifies you and the monitoring centers of any smoke immediately as it is detected.  Emergency personnel are contacted as well if needed and if no answer is received by the customer.  Your home will be safe even if you are not there.
  • CO Detector
    The Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector monitors CO levels within the home and alerts the homeowner of high levels so that everyone can evacuate safely and hopefully have time to ventilate the home.  After everyone is safe, the customer can then begin the process of contacting professionals to determine the source and correct the leak.
  • Emergency Pendant
    Vivint customers can purchase the Emergency Pendant, which can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, to use for health emergencies.  If the customer needs assistance, all he or she needs to do is push the button, and the monitors will respond  and help to decide what assistance is needed.  
  • Cameras
    Vivint offers a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras as well as floodlights and a doorbell camera.
    • The Vivint Indoor Camera records when motion is detected and has a two-way talk feature so that the customer can talk to whomever is in the house through the app.
    • The Doorbell Camera Pro uses video to record when motion is detected and  also has a two-way talk feature.  Packages are recognized, and if there is someone at the door trying to get a package, lights will turn on and an alarm will sound.
    • The Outdoor Camera Pro keeps track of motion and begins recording when motion is detected, paying clost attention to any person lurking on the property.  This camera can distinguish between people, pets, and vehicles, so the customer can rely on the alerts received.  The customer will receive an alert when unusual motion is detected, and the camera will sound an alarm and shine a bright light to deter any intruder. 

All of these security features not only alert the customer of issues within the home, but they also notify professional monitors and emergency personnel.  This makes Vivint so much more than a group of cameras that must be monitored by the customer in order to catch what might be happening.  With Vivint, you can be assured that your home and the people in it are safe and secure and close to emergency services should the need arise.

Vivint Automation Products

If you like the ease of automation with the Smart products in your home, Vivint offers a variety of options.  These all work with the Vivint Security System, so you do not need several different apps; everything can be checked, monitored, and controlled through the Vivint app.

  • Smart Locks
    Vivint Smart Locks can be locked or unlocked using your app or the keypad.  Customers can unlock the door for visitors without having to be home or near to the door.  Additionally, door codes can be created for different visitors to the home, so you know who is entering your home even if you are not there. This is also very helpful for those who may not have the mobility to access the front door to unlock it. 
  • Smart Garage Control
    With the Smart Garage Door Control, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere and check its status using your app.  You never have to worry if your house is secure with this feature.
  • Smart Thermostat
    The Vivint Smart Thermostat can again be used through the Vivint app.  The customer can also automate air conditioning or heating changes throughout the day or set these to respond to current temperatures.  
  • Smart Lighting
    Customers with Smart Lighting can not only control their lights with the use of the app, but they can also automate their lighting so that they never have to worry about the house being dark with no one home.  Always come home to a bright house with Smart Lighting.
  • Car Guard
    This device guards the car in a couple of ways. First, this device tracks GPS location of the vehicle, so you always know where it is, no matter who is driving.  Additionally, customers will receive an alert any time the car is disturbed in any way.   These safety measures help with any car that is being tampered with, is stolen, or one that is driven by a teenager. 

What system is the best for me?

Before you commit to a security system, you need to decide what you need to feel safe in your home. If you do not need professional security monitoring and access to emergency personnel, then you might be fine with the devices that HomeKit offers. To have a more secure home, whether you are at home or away, Vivint is the best choice.