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Business Security Solutions:

Vivint Business Security Systems

Any business, small, medium, or large, needs a conducive environment to run to attain its set objectives and goals. Among the factors that favor the growth of a business is security—how the business is protected from fraudsters, intruders, and attackers whose aim is to maim and harm the business and put its operations in limbo. Insecurity is always an avenue for a business to generate losses, some of which are so severe that recovering might be impossible or take an insane amount of resources. If burglars broke into a shopping store and stole inventory worth millions, how is that business going to stand back up? It won’t be easy. Insecurity is a major threat to the continuity and operations of a business. However, as much as insecurity cases can be assumed to be accidents, they actually are not. How? When a business is established, its security is not guaranteed by default.

It takes the effort of the owner or other stakeholders to ensure that the business is protected, and losses and other adversities arising from insecurity are eliminated or minimized. To secure a business means that the business does not operate with uncertainties or under the mercies of thieves, criminals, and burglars. With cases of insecurity in business currently on the rise, effective measures and strategies need to be employed to secure businesses. In this case, we are talking about physical security.

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Lately, much attention of business owners has been diverted to cybersecurity without realizing that physical security has been put at stake. Business owners have become much concerned with digital security and turned a blind eye to physical security. The truth of the matter is that, as much as digital security is important to a business, its physical security is equally important.

The rule of thumb when it comes to security matters is that a business should treat its physical security and digital security equally. If we be a little critical, it is easy to realize that a business that has done little or nothing to strengthen its physical security has placed itself in a place where even its digital security can be compromised within seconds. Figure out a case where a business has no physical security measures. A fraudster can break in easily and be lucky to get the digital information they need from the business.

Physical security is the final seal of all the other security measures a business has put in place. Talking of physical security, it is not limited to theft; it is a bit broad. Instances of other accidents that cause physical damage to property are also classified in the same category. Fires and floods are perfect examples of accidents that a business can encounter at any time. It must be acknowledged that if not detected early, fires and uncontrolled water flows can wreak havoc on the business. They can see property worth fortunes destroyed and within minutes! The cheat code to avoid such losses is to put measures to detect cases of fires and flooding at the very initial stages before the situation exacerbates. Almost all businesses that have experienced fires or floods have been found to have no robust measures to detect the accidents early enough, at the stage where they could be contained easily and quickly. Every business should ask itself this question, does a fire need to get to the roof of the business premises before it is detected or noticed? If the answer to the question is yes, then something is not only wrong, but terribly wrong. The common types of physical security aspects that matter to a business include:


Actually, this has been the oldest form of security threat facing businesses. It entails fraudsters, those with bad and malicious intentions, penetrating and invading business premises to get access to business property, with the aim of stealing or vandalizing it. Vandalism can be looked at as a form of theft because it, too, leads to losses. In some cases, vandalism has been used by businesses to kill their competitors. Suppose two businesses are competing in the same market or industry. In that case, one of them can hire goons to destroy the other business’s inventory, stock, or assets which is their main competitor. Of course, a matter like this can also be linked to business ethics, but it counts as a physical security threat to a business too. Theft/burglary is not a light issue when it comes to business, considering that thieves come very well prepared for their mission, and nothing defines the limit of the damage they can cause to a business. They can sweep the whole business premises! Waking up to find empty spaces that should be filled with stock and inventory is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Some criminals will not get satisfied until they make sure that the business is down to its feet. Imagine burglars breaking into a retail store, they sweep it clean of stock and inventory, then set the premises on fire!

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As already mentioned, fires and floods can also cost a business immensely. These are accidents that cannot be avoided but can be prevented. Fires and floods are very destructive and can leave a business counting losses in the situation of their occurrence. Fires have a wide range of causes. A fire can be started by a fault in the power supply. Fires can also start from gas explosions. Fires can be caused intentionally by anyone within the business premises. The list can go on and on. Fires grow very fast, and before anyone realizes it, the whole premises could be up in flames. For floods, faulty pipes and water points can lead to the accumulation of water to unmanageable levels. An employee or anyone can accidentally leave a tap running, and no one notices it until it is too late. Flooding, just like fires, can destroy business property, inventory, or stock. If not detected early, fires and floods can cost a business an arm and a leg to fight them.

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Why a Business should Pay

Attention to its Physical Security

Eversion of unnecessary losses

A business with robust security systems is promised protection, which will help it avoid losses that result from theft, fires, flooding, and other types of physical security threats. The ultimate goal of any business is to make profits. However, when the security of a business is compromised, then losses are incurred. Break-ins are very frequent amongst businesses that are not keen on protecting their premises and property, leading to the collapse of many of them. It is dreadful to imagine that you have woken up in the morning to realize that the business empire that took a long time and a lot of resources to build has been razed down by a raging fire or emptied by thieves.


Enhances customer confidence

A well secured business is a source of confidence to customers. This is how, if customers can come in and leave without worrying about their security and that of their property, they will develop confidence in the business. Horror stories have been told where customers have been caught up in the center of robberies targeting businesses. Thieves aiming to steal from a business but steal from its customers too, as a side quest. This is common in banks, where robbers make their way in, and as some of them empty the cash drawers of cashiers and try to break into the safe, some of them collect valuables from customers in the banking hall. But it can apply to any business setup, with no exceptions. When such news spreads, the affected business will indisputably lose a significant number of its customers and even potentials. When customers see that a business has put in the effort to secure itself, they will feel secure too. The confidence will build trust and loyalty. This means more sales and profits to the business!

Ensures business continuity and growth

Securing a business will make it immune to attacks and accidents, which could otherwise lead to its downfall. Robberies and accidents cause losses. Sometimes, the losses incurred are too big to give hope for a comeback. Even if a business recovers from the first attack or accident, without taking steps to prevent such incidents in the future, they can happen again. Again, and again. Every time an attack or accident occurs, the business is pulled back, and the recovery journey becomes bumpier, tougher, and rougher with each subsequent attack or accident. The business cannot grow or expand in this situation. Even its survival will be hard.

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Employee protection

Many businesses tend to forget that their employees are their biggest assets, which is a big mistake. Securing the business implies that the workplace is safe for employees too. With a sense of security, employees will be inspired to give their best because they will feel like their welfare is being taken with the weight it deserves. They will work hard, their engagement will improve, and most of all, employee turnover will reduce, which is a monster eating many businesses currently. Replacing talent is not easy; it requires a lot of resources, and sometimes getting the exact replacement of the departed employee is impossible. A secure workplace will keep employees and increase their productivity.

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Builds a good name for the business

A business that has prioritized its security and employed measures to make it safe and secure will have attacks against it botched and prevented. Also, accidents, cases of fires and flooding will be detected and stopped early enough. If a business is able to prevent a planned robbery attack against it, for instance, word will go round about the same, and people will recognize and appreciate the efforts the business has taken to secure itself, customers, and employees. This will result in the business warming the hearts of many, and in return, winning them as customers. Its customers will become more loyal and endorse it to others. It will be identified as a business that is aware of the threats to which businesses are exposed in their daily operations, their effects, and ways to block such threats. When the name of a business is good, its reputation will be clean, and it will attract more customers.

Can help a business win more

Today’s world is run by social media and the media in general. These tools have the power to share information and communicate what exactly they want people to believe in. If a business has special security measures, then without a doubt, it will attract the attention of many parties, including the media. In this way, a business can earn the favor of being featured in press releases or other forms of important publications such as journals and magazines. This business will gain not only local exposure, but also international publicity. Unlike advertising, which is usually paid for, press releases and media coverages are earned because the business has done something incredible and probably different from others, which deserves recognition and applause. Naturally, people will trust publicity that is earned freely more than paid for, like advertisements. It is important to note that attracting the attention of the media or any other party that has an influence on a given category or group of people is not limited to anything; it can simply mean securing your business and sealing it off completely from attackers, criminals, and other risk factors such as fires. With this, it is easy for the business to be followed up for press releases and important mentions and features that will go a long way in introducing the business to potential customers.

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Enhances digital security

Practically, it is close to meaningless for a business to drift all its efforts to cybersecurity and overlook its physical security. The two: physical security and digital security are like a pair; they go hand in hand. When physical security is enhanced, cybersecurity measures are boosted. None of the two should be emphasized at the cost of the other. No matter how far a business has gone with its cybersecurity measures, if physical security is not emphasized, then attackers getting access to the digital information the business is trying to protect with all its might is as easy as breaking in into the premises and tampering with all the digital devices available in their attempts to get the information they need. If these fellows can hack systems remotely, what if they get hands-on access to them?

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Business Security Systems

To enjoy the advantages as mentioned earlier and privileges that come with ensuring maximum security for the business, its workers, customers, and all other stakeholders, it must be aware of business security systems. Essentially, business security systems are tools, which are commercially available that businesses can acquire and install to ensure that they are fully protected. Business security systems differ in various ways, depending on the nature and goals of the specific business. Generally, business security systems help businesses deal with threats of different types by helping them detect them at early stages before they unfold fully. This will prevent or minimize losses and damages, protect employees and customers, help the business earn extra bonuses concerning its preparedness to combat threats, among other benefits.

Surveillance systems

Arguably, these are the most common security systems in use by businesses today. They entail surveillance cameras of various types that businesses install to have their premises monitored in real-time. As indicated, surveillance cameras vary in many ways, and it is upon the business to pick those that suit their needs best. Businesses are advised to choose modern security cameras with additional futuristic features other than the traditional security cameras, which primarily record live images and transfer them to monitoring chambers and storage devices. These types of cameras are becoming obsolete, and their capabilities are limited. In this era, fraudsters and criminals are becoming smarter each day and more sophisticated in how they execute their destructive acts. Some business security systems recommendations include Power over Ethernet (POE) security cameras, which use a single cable for internet access and electric power supply.

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Alarm systems

It is crucial to include alarm and alert systems in business security systems. They are an effective and accurate method of realizing that something is amiss. The common types of alarm and alert systems regarding business security systems include fire alarms and water alarms. Fire alarms detect smoke in natural air and signal a possible fire risk to the control room. Water alarms work in a similar way by detecting unusual amounts of water buildups within the premises. They help detect risks early when they can be put under control easily. Smoke is the first sign of a fire, as spillage is the initial stage of flooding. Early detection of these elements mitigates their effects. Depending on the type of business, Carbon Monoxide detectors are also available, which send alerts when the presence of this dangerous gas is detected in the air.

Under this category of business security systems, we also have security alarm and alert systems, which work by reporting unexpected and suspicious human activities. These alarms sense unusual human movements and motions, which can pose a threat to the business. Here we have motion sensors, which detect intruders’ presence in the protected area, breakage detection alarms, which warn against forceful entry within the protected area by intruders, and sensors fitted on doors and windows to identify strange and unauthorized access to the premises. Security alarm and alert systems are very important in providing the business with added security, which is the main reason they should be part of business security systems a business should adopt.

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Access control systems

This type of business security systems ensure that only authorized persons gain access to specific parts of the business premises. Intruders can masquerade as employees and easily perform crimes. Access control systems ensure that entry is regulated so that only the right people can be where they are supposed to be at any given point to eliminate cases of intrusion, especially those targeting key business departments such as finance and IT.

Business Security Systems

Vivint has a solution for all business security needs. These are not the ordinally business security systems available out there; Vivint does it differently! Vivint has been concerned with security matters both domestically and commercially. Vivint took a long time to study the security challenges that businesses face, and it came up with subtle business security systems to meet all the security needs for businesses. One key fact about Vivint Business Security Systems is that they are not just generic business security systems; they are curated to fit every particular business’s exact and fine security needs. Vivint understands that as much as security is a basic need for every business, they operate in different industries and environments. Most importantly, every business has its own goals and objects that differentiate it from other businesses based on a wide variety of factors. Owing to this, Vivint is always willing to listen to the needs of each business in terms of security and craft a specific solution that is guaranteed to work for them. Vivint business security systems are so far the best in the market, thanks to modern technology being applied and Vivint’s undying desire to satisfy its clients and help them grow and realize the value for their money. In this regard, Vivint offers all the categories of business security systems mentioned above and much more. These include:
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It is worth noting that all Vivint business security systems are advanced to offer an outstanding service to our esteemed customers. Vivint offers professional installation and other services for all business security systems as described in the specific package purchased. You can feel free to explore Vivint’s business security systems, how they work, and other information that will help you understand better what we offer and why you should get all your business security needs sorted by Vivint. At Vivint, we listen to our customers, analyze their needs, and deliver business security systems that suit their situations best. Choose Vivint business security systems and sit and watch your business grow!

Secure Your Business With A Proper Alarm System

Installing a video security system is essential for companies because they have work materials and expensive products and sometimes large sums of money inside. But in addition to protecting these assets, it is also essential to ensure the safety of staff and any other personnel. To do this, companies must equip themselves with an adequate alarm system. The specific needs of companies differ from each other. Businesses, unlike residential areas, do not necessarily have a “uniformed” building. They can be composed of different areas or departments with different security needs. Moreover, whether it is a business, a store, a professional or industrial building, their needs will be different. When choosing its alarm system, a company must think about guaranteeing maximum safety but also trying to preserve the comfort of its employees.

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There are two types of alarm systems businesses can use: Wired, which is suitable for buildings under construction. Wireless, which is more efficient but is also more expensive, in terms of value. The goals of a business may be different: anti-intrusion, fire or gas. Regardless of the model, they will consist of a central core with a keyboard, detectors (motion, smoke, heat, etc.) and, in some cases, one or more remote controls.


To ensure maximum protection of a business and its workers, it is recommended that companies combine their alarm with armored doors, ultra-resistant locks, resistant glazing and a foolproof safe. Depending on certain business needs, people can also opt for other services such as video surveillance (for stores, casinos, banks, and the like). Obviously, everyone knows a trick or two when trying to bypass an alarm and avoiding becoming a statistic. To deter burglars, it is smart to: Leave some lights on. Use automatic outdoor lighting. Suspend subscriptions and mail if you will not be at home for an extended period. Make an inventory of all valuables, etc. However, the most effective way to protect a family and their property remains, without a doubt, the installation of an alarm system that can even detect the risk of flooding and fire. A reliable alarm system is considered a faithful guardian, always on the watch, even in your absence!

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Faced with the many burglaries, more and more households and businesses are now seeing the advantages that come with installing a video security system. Therefore, finding the price of such devices should be the first step of a person’s research. To determine the price of an alarm system, it is important to first understand the factors that influence said price. For one, are there any premiums for an alarm system? To fight against the multitude of recent burglaries, the government actually provides aid for businesses and homes wanting extra security. This helps to promote the prevention of break-ins but also fire by awarding premiums to those who install an alarm or any other type of security system.


Alarm systems have grown significantly in the US and, actually, across the globe. This allows people to find models in a variety of price ranges. Before requesting quotes from suppliers, be sure to determine the maximum budget you are willing to spend on this kind of purchase. This will allow people to choose the right option the first time around. Comparing alarm system providers can help too. After getting free quotes, people should look at the offers provided by various installers. To compare all these efficiently, people are advised to take into account various criteria such as: The supplier’s experience. The supplier’s know-how. The supplier’s recommendations. The services offered by the provider. The alarm system introduced. The price of the alarm system.

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Every 20 seconds a burglary takes place in a home or business in the US. That totals around 4,800 per day. Therefore, for the sake of safety and convenience, more and more owners are equipping their property with an alarm system. However, the market offers numerous choices and finding the right one can quickly become a huge hassle. Whether opting for a wired or wireless model, an alarm with motion sensors or a system with a buzzer inside and/or outside, every security system has its own advantages. How can people make the right choice?


An alarm system represents a certain investment for a household or company. Therefore, it is important that the alarm is adapted to the specificities of the building. For this, experts strongly recommend that people analyze their needs before attempting to research the market. This assessment is designed to determine the degree of inviolability of the property in question. Home and business owners should be able to know where the alarm is needed, why it is needed, and so on. People have several options when it comes to this. First, it is smart to put yourself in the shoes of a burglar and see how you would break into your home or business. Second, people can use the services provided by technical experts or their local PD. This service will, among others, inform owners of specific threats related to the area (number of burglaries, risk areas, etc.). If the building requires further protection, people can opt for a combined solution, that is to say, an alarm system linked to a fire alarm, for example.

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