Alarm Systems - Prices, Reviews, and More!

As technology has become less expensive and more available, homeowners are seeing an increase in the types of alarm systems that are targeted to residential areas. Previously, alarm systems prices were high, required an extensive installation process, and were monitored by a third party. Protecting or monitoring your home was restricted to households that could afford it, leaving most of us to depend on locks and deadbolts and watchful neighbors.

Now, with the advent of cloud-based computers and networks, powerful new smartphones, and high-resolution cameras getting smaller and less expensive, access to reliable, high-quality home security systems are less expensive and nearly anyone can protect their home inside and out. However, with so many companies offering their products in the marketplace, finding alarm system prices can be difficult for consumers.

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understand alarm system prices

There are a number of things to consider to understand alarm system prices. First, what sort of alarm system are you looking for? Do you want security cameras around the perimeter of your home? A doorbell camera? Do you want or need cameras inside the house to monitor your pets or children while you’re away? Or do you need alerts when access points are open? You can install sensors on doors and windows, which can be more expensive. Do you want to add home automation for safety and comfort? With a total home solution, not only can you protect entry points and monitor your home, you can control lights, door locks, garage doors, and even your thermostat remotely. With so many options, it’s important to have an expert weigh in on what features would work best for you and help you understand the alarm system prices.

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Finally, you need to decide the company you’re going to trust with your home and your family’s safety, and the features and services they each offer. Some low-cost providers will offer cut-rate equipment for free, but lock you in to contracts with unreliable notifications or apps that are hard to use. Other providers charge for hardware only, but offer no monitoring services, leaving you on your own to see what’s going on at your property. Understanding alarm system prices is more than just getting security camera quotes – you need to understand the whole package.

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With a company like Vivint, you get the whole package – industry-leading hardware; affordable alarm, home automation, and security camera installation cost; and reliable monitoring and one app mobile control that gives you the ability to view your wireless security camera system from your smartphone. Currently, Vivint serves 98% of the zip codes in the country, and provides consistent and affordable protection of your home and family, giving you peace of mind throughout the day and night.